Major TikTok Couple Gets Married Secretly in August


Pierre Boo and Nicky Champa kept the secret. The TikTokers, who are well-known for their social media videos, have now married. According to reports, the couples tied the knot in Clark County in Nevada, in August. This was five years after their first appearance.

Champa and Pierre, real names Pierre Amaury Crespeau have not yet publicly announced their wedding on social media. The nuptials were however confirmed through a marriage certificate obtained by TMZThis month. The license provided that the couple were able to tie the knot in Clark County in Nevada, August, and also took their last names. The TMZ Report did not include any details about the wedding, so it is still unclear when and who were there.

The couple stated “I do”Five years ago, five years since they first met. Champa and Pierre reflect on the beginning of their relationship back February. Gayety Both were actors in Los Angeles and had just started their careers when they met at an audition. Champa was shocked to see Pierre sitting in the waiting area. “texted my manager and I was like, this beautiful guy walked into the room, and I don’t do you know anything about him. And he was like, send me a picture of him.”Champa did what was asked, and it turned out that Pierre’s manager was also his manager. Champa recalled, “And then my manager, our manager texted me, was like, he’s my client, Pierre. I just sent him the picture; talk to him. And I was like, ‘oh my God.”I felt so embarrassed that I just wanted to die. He got up and came over to me. The rest is history.

They were quick to fall in love, but they didn’t rush to make their relationship public. Speaking with Out TravelerChampa stated last year that “for a whole year, we didn’t post anything about being in a relationship at any point.”” explaining that they spent “An excellent year of establishing what we want and what our expectations are.”

Chapa and Pierre rose to fame after becoming the “It” couple launched their Instagram account together. Later they launched TikTok careers. Together, they have over 25 million followers on the video site. They also recently launched a YouTube channel, which already has over 1.3 million subscribers.

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