Maluma On How He Manages To Fill His Shows With Energy & Connect With Fans


And if you’re wondering how the self-described pretty boy, dirty boy is able to sing, dance, and have high energy throughout his show. Well, he has a special ritual for that too.

“I work out and meditate every morning,” Maluma explains. “I am on a strict routine for my workouts and my food regimen.”

He continues, “For me, it’s about energy, connecting, and being centered. And my spirituality keeps me grounded, and it’s something I like to keep within my music.”

Being able to connect with his fans, he says, also adds to the passion he displays during his performances.

“On this tour, we launched the Papi Juancho Lounge, where I meet and hang out with my fans,” he shares. “At the lounge, we are able to talk, take photos, and have the Papi Juancho experience.”

Maluma is no stranger to receiving special mementos from his fans either, with some being a lot more intimate than others.

“I think every night changes as the ladies have been throwing personal items on stage,” he admits. “But, I love to see the kids, and when I meet them have their energy at my show.”

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