Man Admits to Killing Good Samaritan Because He Asked A Woman If She Needed Assistance: Prosecutors


Police say that a Chicago man was asked by a woman for help after a domestic dispute. Chicago Tribune reported.

Jesus Garcia was taken into custody Tuesday, almost a month after the incident. Chicago Sun Times reported. He was charged for first-degree murder.

Michael Bankston III asked Garcia’s girlfriend if she needed help after witnessing a dispute, and the inquiry allegedly bothered Garcia so much that prosecutors say he shot and killed Bankston, according to reports.

Garcia was taken into custody and waived his right of silence. He admitted to having shot Bankston because he believed Bankston was innocent. “was going to do something to him,”Kevin DeBoni, prosecutor, stated that according to NBC Chicago.

Garcia claimed that he took apart and threw away the gun he had used. “in the lagoon.”

Garcia, according to police, told police that Garcia ran away from the crime scene and took off his shirt. He also let his hair down. NBC Chicago reported that Garcia claimed that he went back to the crime scene after someone recognized him.

The alleged gunman said he previously had been diagnosed with mental illness but wasn’t able to communicate more specifically what the diagnoses were, an assistant public defender told Judge Marie McCarthy last week in court during a bond hearing, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

Surveillance cameras captured the event and allowed police to track down the suspected perpetrator.

Judge McCarthy denied Garcia bail. Garcia is expected back in court on November 17. He did not plead guilty during his appearance last week.

Inside Edition Digital reached out for comment to his public defender attorney. They have not responded.