Man claims Holiday Inn Hotel had decomposing food and dirty clothes on the floor.


Holiday Inn admitted that there was a clear lapse of standards after David Craig was dissatisfied by the hotel’s condition and feared it hadn’t been cleaned in a while.

One man was shocked at the condition of his Holiday Inn hotel room, which had decomposing food on it and dust behind it.

David Craig booked in to the Holiday Inn Express for a night to catch up and have a few drinks with his friends. But he was disgusted by the discovery of the bed in the room. Daily Record reports.

After moving the bed to retrieve his keys, the 52 year-old mechanic discovered what he claimed were dirty women’s underwear.

David claims that food bits and decomposing foods were also found on the floor. There was also dust, which suggests that it hadn’t been cleaned in some time.

He said that hotel staff were understanding, but he is concerned about the fact that rooms are not being thoroughly cleaned in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

David spoke to the Record: “We booked a few nights away in Inverness to see some old friends and on the morning of January 6 I dropped my keys down the back of the bed, where the headboard is.

“I pulled out the bed to find a dirty pair underwear for ladies, as well as bits of food and disgusting amounts of dust.

“You could see it clearly hadn’t been touched in a while.

“With the virus going around, it was not something we expected.”

The website of the hotel in Inverness, Scotland, promises “Daily housekeeping” as part of its services.

And a statement from parent company IHG on the webpage promises: “IHG has been committed to strict cleaning practices for many years.”

However, David remains concerned that hotels aren’t giving rooms a proper clean in between guests.

He added: “The staff at the hotel were very understanding and changed our room so that we could stay in peace.

“That doesn’t bother us but people need to know what’s going on in hotels.

“This is the area that has been totally ignored.

“If it had been lovely and clean behind the bed and we found a pair of underwear you would think it might be a one-off.

“However, it was obvious that the bed hadn’t been moved in a while.

“It ruined the rest of our stay. You’d expect to find the room completely clean, especially now.”.

Holiday Inn Express spokesmen said: “Overall, the Holiday Inn Express Inverness has an excellent record for cleanliness however on this occasion there was a clear lapse in standards.

“The guest was subsequently refunded by the hotel.