Man is’set on fire by his parents and made to suffer for the love of his life’ by his parents who force him to marry a lover without blessing.


After marrying his lover without permission, a man claims he was set on fire and scarred for the rest of his life by his parents.

According to reports, the incident took place in Rwanda. Mugabarigira Jean-Claude told Afrimax TV that the victim suffered from severe injuries and is currently struggling with daily living.

He claims that his parents tried to get him married to a woman he didn’t know, but he refused. They then introduced him to Yvonne who is the mother of his children.

Then he said that his parents visited him one day and that they had spiked his drink with sleeping tablets, which knocked him unconscious.

He and his wife were allegedly targeted by his parents
Mugabarigira JeanClaude and his spouse, shown here with their children, were allegedly targeted in an alleged attack by his parents

He claims that he was then covered with petrol and set ablaze.

After he was set on fire, his neighbors intervened and he was saved. He spent the next 22 day in a coma in hospital.

Mugabarigira claims that his parents attacked him and his wife the day he was discharged.

Mugabarigira Jean Claude and his wife Yvonne
Mugabarigira Jean Claude, and his wife Yvonne

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Pictures of Mugabarigira show him with severe injuries and what appears to be extensive burns.

Yvonne reportedly came out and stated that she would stand by her husband regardless of what. The couple are reportedly considering moving back home to avoid further attacks.

It is not clear if the authorities are looking into the claims or if the parents have been arrested.