Man Pleads Guilty for Killing BrittaneeDrexel, Teen Missing since 2009


For more than a decade, the family of Brittanee Drexel has wondered what happened to her. In 2009, the 17-year-old girl disappeared while walking to a motel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Now they have the harrowing answer, after Brittanee’s killer pleaded guilty to her murder.

After advanced cellphone technology enabled Brittanee to be inside his car, Raymond Moody (62 years old) was the focus of police’s attention. 

Moody “came clean”Scott Hixon was interviewed by police and stated that Scott Hixon had made the statement in court. Investigators were led to the location where the killer buried Brittanee’s corpse after strangling and raping her.

Moody pleaded guilty earlier this week to murder and kidnapping in court.

“I don’t have the words to express how horrible I feel, and I’ve felt ever since that day. I’m very, very sorry,”Moody stated.

Brittanee’s mother, Dawn Pleckan, blasted Moody at the hearing. “I hope you suffer in prison for the rest of your useless life,”She spoke.

Chad Drexel was also there, her tearful dad. “The defendant was, and is, and I’m sorry, a perverted, sick monster,”He said.

Moody was sentenced with a life sentence.

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