Man Proposes to Girlfriend in the middle of Adele’s Star-Studded ‘One Night Only’ concert


Everybody remembers the moment they were engaged. But, for one couple, 10 million people will be able to recall their amazing engagement. Because the groom was able to kneel in front of Adele. “One Night Only” concert.

The show was filmed Oct. 24 at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, with many celebrities in attendance. It aired Sunday night on CBS and the network’s streaming platform, Paramount+. Oprah Winfrey conducted an interview with Adele between the performances. 

The highlight of the evening was when Quentin Brunson, a young man, emerged and slowly led Ashleigh Mann across the stage.

“If you make a noise, I’m going to kill you,”The audience was told by Adele.

The crowd did what it could to stay mum as Mann’s noise-canceling headphones were removed.

Then, the blindfold was removed and she experienced the shock of a lifetime. Brunson bowed down and expressed his love to the world. Then, he proposed.

She said yes

Brunson submitted a short video explaining why Brunson deserved this once-in-a lifetime opportunity. Mann and Brunson have been together for seven years.

“Once it came across my table, and I saw it, I just knew that if I submit to this, they’re going to pick us, because, I don’t know, we just have so much to offer. I’m just happy that everything went the way it did,”Brunson stated that “CBS This Morning.”

After the proposal, they were seated in front row between Melissa McCarthy and Lizzo. 

Adele came to the couple’s wedding and sang the song for them. “Make You Feel My Love.”

Mann was unable to contain her emotions. McCarthy was able to give Mann a tissue.