Man Remains Calm, Continues to Watch TV after the Ceiling Falls on Him: “Panicking Makes it Worse”


After the ceiling collapsed unexpectedly, a man was nearly submerged under the TV set in his living room. Video footage captured the incident and showed that the man did not panic. He simply cleared the debris from his eyes to continue watching TV.

“I’m alright,”Robert Gongora spoke to Inside Edition. “No, I didn’t get hurt. Nothing really gets me too excited.”

He said that the cause of the collapse was a leaky air conditioner system. “We didn’t realize, little by little, it was soaking into sheetrock, and it just gave way.”

Gongora’s bulldog, Chuck, sensed trouble was coming and left the space, but his owner was none the wiser.

Gongora was able to rise from the rubble after the fall.

Gongora’s girlfriend, Kimberly Crane, was folding laundry in another part of the house.

She said that his reaction was classic, in keeping with his steady personality.

“Yes, you never really know if he’s excited,”She spoke.

Gongora stated that he learned a valuable lesson from almost drowning as a child.

“I knew by panicking, it makes it worse,”He stated.


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