Man Rescues Woman from Submerged Car by Flying Paramotor


Some heroes don’t wear capes but can still swoop in from the skies to save the day.

It was Sunday that a Miami man piloted a paramotor and spotted a woman who was desperately needing help. She was stuck to a submerged car on a Florida marsh. 7 News Miami reported.

Cristiano Piquet, 40 said he started off his Sunday morning as he typically does by flying high in his paramotor with a friend before going to church, but on the last Sunday in October, something stuck out that he had never seen before, according to the Miami Herald.

Piquet observed a person swimming in a Southwest Miami Dade canal. He looked for help.

“I turn around to get a better shot with my GoPro, and I see a car in the canal,” Piquet told 7 News Miami. “I flew closer to the car, and I saw someone inside the car, like, asking for help.”

Piquet posted the incident later on Instagram.

The video shows him making the landing as his friend pulls the woman in distress out the water.

“So we threw her a rope, and she was free, she was alive,” Piquet told 7 News Miami. “Everything happened so fast, and after we got her to safety, we called 911.”

7 News Miami reported that Miami Police and Fire Rescue responded to the accident scene around 8:30 a.m.

Rescue crews took the woman to the hospital. Her condition is not known.

Piquet, who has been paramotoring since 2015, said he was happy to have missed church if it meant helping save someone’s life, the Miami Herald reported.

“For some reason I was better suited being there at the right place and the right time,”According to the Miami Herald, he said so.

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