Man Saves Kitten, But is Ambushed by Litter


Louisiana man thought that he was doing the right things by saving a kitten from the road, but the rest of litter felt differently and swarmed the good Samaritan. Yahoo! reported.

Robert Brantley was one of the litter that emerged, and was eventually ambushed by the rest. He had done a good deed according to the report. New York Post.

“Oh, my gosh!”In a video, he said the following: “I can’t take ya’ll. Oh, my gosh.”

Reddit posted the 43-second video Wednesday, and it quickly went viral. Newsweek.

Brantley (37), spoke with The New York Post. He said he was driving, and saw a kitten by the side of the road. He passed it while driving and felt that he had to save it. The Post asked him to tell the truth. He said he drove past it and then picked it up.

He thought it was saving one, but he ended-up taking all of the litter home despite an ambush.

“They’re all here at the house; they’re all doing good,”The Post was informed by him about the 13 kittens he found. “The first time I fed them, they fought like they had never eaten a bite of food before.”

According to him, he will keep two to three pets for his family and give the rest to those who will provide them with a home.

 “We had a lot of really good people that are local reach out wanting them, and a lot of people are wanting to do pairs to keep them together, which I’m pumped about,”He told the Post.