Man uses Baby Son as Human Shield during Police Standoff


A confrontation with police turned terrifyingly violent when a man grabbed his baby and used him as a shield. 

The tense standoff in Palm Coast, Florida, was captured on police bodycam footage. Deputies had to decide whether or not to injure the boy while taking the suspect into police custody.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly claims that the bizarre standoff began as a domestic dispute. The father was accused in kidnapping his 1-yearold son. A police chase ended at a McDonald’s drive through window. 

Police repeatedly told him to get down and lie down. So they put him on the ground and tased his neck. Staly claims it was “extremely difficult” to make sure they didn’t hit the baby.

“When you fire a taser, you’re sending out two prongs. Fortunately, one prong hit the suspect in the leg and the other one in his chest area, but away from the baby,”Staly stated. 

Deputies rushed immediately to the rescue of the baby and to reassure him. Brandon Loehner was the suspect. He then rolled under a car with a police dog. The little boy demanded that his dad come out and he crawled under the vehicle. Loehner resisted, but the K-9 sat down on Loehner’s leg.

The baby was returned to his mother after Loehner was taken into police custody.

Loehner received injuries from the police dog. He was charged with reckless driving and kidnapping.

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