Man Utd CEO brand “stupid, gormless buffoon”Fans secretly filmed the tell-all after they were enlisted


Simon Jordan called Richard Arnold, Manchester United’s Richard Arnold, a “gormless buffoon”After the conversation between chief executive and disgruntled supporters in a beer garden, secretly recorded was taken.

Arnold wasn’t shy about praising Ed Woodward’s performance during the meeting footage. The Essex-born executive also conceded the club “f***ing burned through cash” and the last year had been a “f***ing nightmare”.

And the topic of the impromptu meeting came up on TalkSport with Jordan and Jim White on their radio show. Former Crystal Palace owner Jordan claimed the CEO was “”Wet behind the ears”

He stated: “Richard Arnold sat in that meeting. If you are that stupid and that gormless and that naive and that wet behind the ears that you’re going to sit there and think that what you’re saying isn’t going to find its way into the public domain, even by a regurgitation of someone verbally giving back what you’ve said or someone recording it, what the hell is the matter with you?”

Presenter White explained that Arnold entered the showdown discussions with “all heart and goodwill”He said that he didn’t know such talks could be possible. The Scottish journalist stated: “Jim, be a grown up. You’re going into a room, you’re in a public domain environment.”

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Richard Arnold slammed United's transfer strategy
Richard Arnold criticised United’s transfer strategy after he was filmed without his consent

White, however, claimed the claim later in their discussion. “Maybe Richard Arnold thought “They’re not going record this because I’ve arrived here in good faith.””

But Jordan retorted: “He is a gormless buffoon. Why would Manchester United be unhappy with even one iota if this content? It’s what their chief executives thinks, it’s true. Don’t believe it. Did Richard Arnold, along with his small group, stand at the door and say “I see!” when they came in? “I want you to sign a waiver saying that you will not record this?”It’s the world that we live in, so grow up.”

The footage went viral of Arnold addressing fans in a local pub near his Cheshire home, as he called for calm amid ruminations that protests would be taking place outside his property.

The 51-year-old successor to Ed Woodward reportedly asked the fans not to film their frank discussion and was left disappointed by the video.

Meanwhile, Sky Sport pundit Jamie Carragher observed on Twitter: “Every fan whines about not having access to those at the top of their club. Richard Arnold deserves all the credit.

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