Man who marries sex doll says he likes the smell of silicone


One bodybuilder, who rose to fame after marrying a sexy doll, has stated that he prefers them over real women. “likes their immobility and smell of silicone.”

Yuri Tolochko (from Kazakhstan), 37, was the first to marry Margo – before revealing that he’d fallen for an ashtray.

He was then married to Luna, a younger model, in a polyamorous relationship.

He explained to the Silver Screen Beat that dolls require less maintenance than real women in a chat.

He explained to us that he came home because he wanted to relax and that he also had many other things that required concentration. Then comes the showdown, some resentment and jealousy.

Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko, together with his 'wife' named Luna
Yuri Tolochko (Kazakh bodybuilder) and Luna Tolochko (his ‘wife’) are both Kazakh.

“I do not need it. Yes, and sometimes I just want to be in silence. Yes, I’m selfish. I acknowledge it. Well, now sex dolls have become a fetish for me. I’m used to it.”

Yuri’s jobs include “opera director, acting teacher and teacher of oratory, public speaking”He also explained his attraction for the dolls.

“Recently a friend asked me if I f*** girls. I answered: only in the form of sex dolls. He asked why not alive. At first I answered him the same as you now, but then I understood and realized that in fact I was just used to f****** silicone dolls already.

“I like their shape and the silicone scent. And, of course, their immobility. I love that they don’t move during sex.”

He added that there is an “”Emotional attachment” is more than just sex.

'I like not only their shape, but also the smell of silicone,' he said
He stated, “I like not only their form, but also the scent of silicone.”

“I do not perceive now a sex doll as a machine for f*****. Increasingly, I just masturbate when I look at her, touch her. And I always like to just look at her when she sits naked on a chair,”He said.

The Kazakh capital Nur-Sultan is home to the bodybuilder. He previously lived in Astana.

“With men I practice bdsm, torture, abuse, humiliation, bondage, various dirty things, for example, sniffing worn panties, old sneakers, licking them, spitting, p*** etc.

“This is something that I often do to myself. I sniff my armpits, I run my fingers over my unwashed b**** and sniff them, I sniff my sports shoes and shorts that I might not wash for a couple of weeks. It’s a great way to get me going.

Yuri said that the world is moving forward, and relationships with dolls are becoming more common.
Yuri stated that the world is changing and that doll-to-do relationships are becoming more common.

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He said the following to explain people’s reactions to his strange love affairs: “People’s reactions are different. Most often interest. But also some pretend that nothing special is happening.”

He said that “over time, my family came to terms with this and stopped putting pressure on me”However, he admits that he can’t tell everything.

Yuri stated that the world is changing and that doll-to-do relationships are becoming more common.

“The main thing is that people should not be ashamed of themselves, accept themselves as they are, love themselves and each other, practice what they want and be happy,”He said.