Manhunt underway for Escaped Inmate, Alabama Sheriff’s Deputy Convicted of Helping Him


A sheriff in Alabama warns law enforcement to not “take any chances” as they ramp up the manhunt for an escaped inmate accused of murder and a sheriff’s deputy who allegedly helped him get away.

Casey White was set to go on trial next month for the 2015 murder of 58-year-old mother of two Connie Ridgeway. Vicki White was arrested for facilitating and permitting the escape.

“If you encounter this guy, you need to know he is dangerous. Don’t take any chances,”Rick Singleton, Lauderdale County Sheriff, spoke at a press conference. 

Just-released surveillance images show Casey White three days before his jail break, which happened on Vicki White’s last day on the job.

Vicki White had just filed her retirement papers after 17 years of service with the sheriff’s department. She had recently sold her home and had access to large amounts of cash.

U.S. Marshals Service is offering up to $10,000 for information leading to Casey White’s capture. His appearance can change depending on many factors. But one description that doesn’t change is his height of 6-foot-9.

Two months after the alleged murder, Casey White was cornered after a 100-mph police chase and threatened to shoot unless he was allowed to surrender to a sheriff he knew.

The shocking escape is being likened to another notorious prison break in 2015 when Joyce Mitchell, a corrections officer in New York, helped in the escape of two prisoners from Dannemora Prison. Mitchell had fallen in love one of the prisoners. She spent five years in prison.

According to the sheriff, Casey White planned to escape the jail and take a hostage two years ago, but detention center employees stopped him.