Manson Family Member Patricia Krenwinkel Has Been Granted Parole


The crimes of Charles Manson and members of his cult resulted in death and destruction, and some members of the Manson Family are still alive and imprisoned. Patricia Krenwinkel, one of the members responsible for murdering Sharon Tate and six others, has once again been granted parole. Here’s why she probably won’t be set free.

Patricia Krenwinkel And The Manson Family

Growing up in Los Angeles, Krenwinkel met Manson in 1967. She quickly entered a sexual relationship with him and decided to follow him to San Fransisco. The Manson Family grew over time as Krenwinkel spent the next two years engulfed in sex and drugs. She was apparently a motherly figure for other Family members on Spahn Ranch.

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On August 9, 1969, Krenwinkel was one of four Manson Family members who invaded Tate’s home. The group killed her alongside four other visitors present that evening. The next day, the murders continued. The LAPD eventually rounded everyone involved up one week later, only for them all to be released. It wasn’t until Susan Atkins confessed that the state arrested Krenwinkel.

Longest-Serving Woman

After a nine-month trial, Krenwinkel was found guilty and sentenced to death. That was on March 29, 1971. In 1972, the California Supreme Court case People v. Anderson banned the death penalty in the state, commuting her sentence to life in prison.

After Atkins died in 2009, Krenwinkel became the longest-incarnated female inmate in the California penal system. She’s still held at California Institution for Women in Chino, California.

Starting in 1978, Krenwinkel became eligible for parole. She’s faced the board 14 times before to no avail. As years have gone by, Krenwinkel’s attitude has completely changed. She was fiercely loyal to Manson while on trial, but now she’s criticized him for lies and abuse, publicly appearing in the interview below to discuss her experience.

Parole Is Unlikely

On May 26, over 40 years after her sentencing, Krenwinkel was found suitable for parole by the California Board of Parole Hearings. She’s now 74 years old. While this may mean she will walk soon, it’s astronomically unlikely.

Parole decisions in California are subject to review by Governor Gavin Newsome. The prospect of freeing Krenwinkel will no doubt cause folks from around the world to express outrage. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood helped reignite the memory of Tate’s murder, so it’s not like her crimes have been forgotten.

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Manson Family members have been granted parole before, but every single time the governor has quashed it. Before Newsome, it was Jerry Brown. These decisions are political in nature, as no one wants to be the one to let a Manson Family member walk free. Newsome has until October 23 to make his decision.

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