Mariah Carey Disappointed With Nick Cannon, Worried About Their Kids?


Is Mariah Carey disappointed in ex-husband Nick Cannon? One tabloid claims the pop star doesn’t know what to make of Cannon’s recent baby boom. Here’s what we know about the exes’ relationship.

Mariah Carey In ‘Horror’ Over Nick Cannon’s Behavior?

A recent edition of New Idea reports Mariah Carey was blindsided by the news that Nick Cannon is now a father of seven. While Cannon and Carey only welcomed two children while they were married, Cannon has gone on to have five more kids with three different women. The latest three of which were born within a week of each other.

He welcomed two children with model Brittany Bell, and over the summer, he welcomed another set of twins with model Abby De La Rosa, and a son with model Alyssa Scott. “It’s just too much for Mariah,” an insider confides. “She’s disappointed in Nick — seven kids by four women and he’s only 40. It dilutes any time and energy he can spend with [their twins] Monroe and Moroccan.”

Mariah Carey Worries Nick Cannon Won’t Have Time For Their Kids?

While it wouldn’t surprise us if Carey had some words for her ex-husband, we seriously doubt their relationship has been too strained. Since they called it quits in 2016, Cannon and Carey have been co-parenting amicably. Cannon explained to People not long ago that blended families were the norm for him growing up, and he doesn’t think it’s detrimental to his relationship with his children.

“It’s all rooted in love, it’s all rooted in positive energy,” Cannon mused, “There’s no hard feelings and ill will. Ultimately, it’s about putting the kids first and making sure they have the best childhood they could possibly have.”

Besides, Cannon has vowed to slow down after his recent baby boom. Cannon said in a recent interview, “I’m trying to chill out though. I’m chillin’, I’m kind of stepping away, getting focused, going within, getting my celibacy on. I have enough children, enough frolicking, I’m good right now.” While four children with three different women in a matter of months would be a shock to anyone, it looks like Cannon is prioritizing spending time with his kids isn’t planning to expand his current brood any time soon.

The Tabloids On Nick Cannon

This isn’t the first time a magazine has gone after Cannon. Earlier this year, Woman’s Day claimed Carey was urging Cannon to get a vasectomy. Then OK! claimed Carey thought Cannon was “irresponsible and reckless.” And more recently, the National Enquirer claimed Cannon’s career was taking a major downswing. Clearly, none of these tabloids have any insight into Cannon’s life.

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