Mariah Carey’s Reaction to Nick Cannon’s Multiple Babies


What does it take? Mariah Carey feel about Nick Cannon? Twelve months ago, a story made the rounds about Carey reacting strongly to news of Cannon’s multiple pregnancies. Since it’s been a year and Cannon hasn’t stopped, let’s look back on that story and see if there was anything to it.

Nick Cannon: Father Neglectful?

Per OK!, Carey didn’t like Cannon bearing multiple children with multiple women. Carey was at that time a single mother to three children with multiple women. All ThatThe star just had his fourth child in less than a year. Carey was reportedly being interviewed by a source. “beyond concerned that Nick’s little baby boom will affect his family time with their twins, Moroccan and Monroe.”

“She thinks Nick is being irresponsible and reckless,”Another source confirmed the statement. The Always Be My Baby singer needed Cannon to remain an active presence in their children’s lives. Cannon reportedly swore the new kids wouldn’t hamper his parenting, but he only has so much time in a day.

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While we could not pretend to know how Carey felt about Cannon’s progeny, it was irresponsible of OK!To do exactly that. Carey didn’t say anything about Cannon’s kids. Cannon wasn’t reckless, that was one thing we knew. Cannon said that zero births were unassisted and that he took responsibility for their outcome. While the volume of kids was high, Cannon didn’t seem particularly irresponsible.

It’s Been A Year, So What’s Changed?

Was OK!You are right to assert that Mariah carey resents Nick Cannon’s decision. No. Carey was asked about Cannon’s other kids last November and sounded utterly nonplussed. She said Entertainment Tonight: “I don’t know about that…That’s a different interview for you.”

These words are very reminiscent of Carey’s infamous “I don’t know her” comment, so maybe she’s just saying nothing to avoid saying anything. Either way, that was her chance to go off and she didn’t. We all know this. Cannon misses herRecently, I heard the following: “I will never have a love like I had with Mariah.”

Carey didn’t say what, no matter how you interpret it. OK!We were correct to refute the story. This was not the first instance of Carey stories being misrepresented by the tabloid. It claimed that Carey was moving to Aspen in 2018. Although she vacations in Aspen, she never moved full-time.

It also promised Carey to propose to Bryan Tanaka that same year. They’re still together, but that engagement never happened. An individual you cannot trust. OK!Carey’s story. She doesn’t sound thrilled about Cannon’s many other kids, but she’s choosing to keep her feelings to herself.

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