Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp reveal alarming text messages in unsealed court documents


Johnny Depp’s friendship and support for Marilyn Manson were brought up during the actor’s recent trial against Amber Heard. Unsealed court documents now reveal alarming text messages between these two men. Entertainment WeeklyReportsOne of the communications that was just revealed was one in which the shock-rocker sent Depp a message about a possible groupie. “My new fan meet and greet girl Looks like you need it. Trust me. I’ll send a pic. 18,”Manson wrote.

Depp also received a text from the embattled rock star who has been accused of numerous sexual assault and even rape claims in recent years. “amber 2.0” situation, writing: “Lindsay just [pulled] an amber on me…please delete.”The ex-Star of Pirates of the Caribbean replied. “I been reading A LOT of material on that and sociopathic behavior…it is f—ing real my brother!! My ex-c- is goddamn TEXTBOOK!!!”Manson replied, “I got a serious police amber type scenarios with L’s family. I’m f-ing stressing. I don’t know if you are back but I need asylum somewhere because I think the cops might be headed my way.”Although it is not clear who Manson was referring too, Lindsay Usich is Lindsay’s current wife.

Ellen Barkin’s deposition, which she had a romantic relationship back in the mid-90s with Depp, was another unsealed document from the trial. In her testimony,  Barkin claimed that Depp gave her drugs before their first sexual encounter. Barkin, in a newly released deposition, spoke out candidly about what happened between them. “He came on to me in the living room of my house, pulled me onto his lap and said something like, ‘Oh, come on Ellen,’ or whatever.”

She continued, “I protested a little and then – not too much. And that was that.”The former Animal KingdomStar clarified that she wasn’t accusing Depp if she had assaulted her.” adding, “He gave me a Quaalude and asked me if I wanted to f—.” The actress also said she “It wasn’t surprising” when Depp allegedly threw a bottle of wine at her. “There was always an airof violence about him.” she said. “He is a yeller. Those are the things you can see.

Just over two months have passed since Depp’s and Heard’s trial ended. The unsealed text and deposition came a little more than two months later. On Wednesday, June 2, 2018, the trial jury returned their verdict. They found that Depp had defamed her ex in an incident from 2018. Washington PostOp-ed on domestic abuse in which he wasn’t named. Heard and her legal staff stated they would appeal the verdict. This they did.