Mark Wahlberg Surprises with His Decision on Religion and His Kids


Mark Wahlberg recently explained how he broached the subject of religion to his children. On April 7, the actor appeared on an episode of Today And spoke about his film. Father Stu where he portrays Stuart Long, a real-life boxer-turned-priest.  

Wahlberg, a Catholic said that he is passionate about the project because of the parallels in the film and his own life. He also said that he does not want to force his beliefs upon his four children. He has two daughters, Ella and Grace, aged 18 and 12, as well as Brendan and Michael, both 13, and Rhea Durham’s 13-year-old sons. 

“They think Dad’s crazy, and he’s boring,” he told Hoda Kotb. “But even with my faith, I don’t force it on them. But they know that Dad can’t start the day without being in prayer, can’t start the day without reading my Scripture or going to Mass. And hopefully, instead of forcing that on them, they’ll say, ‘Well, if it works for Dad, maybe it’ll work for us,’ and they’ll kind of gravitate towards it on their own.” 

January He uploaded an Instagram video of himself working out with daughter Ella Rae’s boyfriend and reminiscing about how “I used to work out to keep the boys away from my girl, and now, I’m working out with the boyfriend. Imagine that.”Wahlberg also mentioned a time when he crashed the date of his daughter during a 2017 appearance. Graham Norton Show. “The kid — she had one that was not a nice boy, and it was innocent enough — but I was like, ‘I wanna meet this kid,'”He told Norton. “I wanna meet him, and then you can hang out with him in a safe environment and she was like, ‘What’s a safe environment, dad?'”

Wahlberg Entertainment TonightIn 2017, he talked about how to adjust to his daughter’s future relationship life. “You know what? I actually… I came to grips with the fact that she’s 14, she’s gonna have boyfriends. Those things happen.”He also shared his embarrassing dad tendencies. “I just want affection,”Wahlberg spoke. “I want to kiss them and hug them, and I usually do it at the most inopportune times, school functions, ball games, things of that nature. But, you know, my intentions are good.”