Marlo Hampton, RHOA Secret MVP, is praised


Do you have a friend that you’ve always seen at the group hang? You may not have spent much time with them individually, but the sight of their faces in the crowd indicated that it was going to be a great night. You all have someone like that in your life.

In the world of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, that someone is Marlo Hampton.

Always only a friend-of, Marlo’s been a stable, yet peripheral presence on the Georgia-based installment of Bravo’s hit franchise for nearly a decade—until now, that is. Come May 1, she’ll finally be holding a peach as a full-time cast member on RHOA‘s 14th season. It’s a well-deserved honor considering Marlo has been around longer than several members of the current cast, watching OGs come and go over the years. She’s even done the impossible and outlasted the Housewife who introduced Marlo. (Pour one out for the one and BloopIt only NeNe Leakes.)

For whatever reason, that all-important peach eluded her for a while, but it’s not hard to see why the powers-that-be finally wised up after keeping Marlo around in some capacity since her introduction all the way back in season four. Marlo is a great friend and a good laugh. She’s also a great TV host and could be the secret MVP of this season.