Marlon brando was an online political troll, and was banned multiple times


A young Marlon BrandoThrough the Great Depression. Brando, an old man, was alive to see the iPod release. One wouldn’t expect this, but the politically active SupermanIn his later years, star was an online troll.

Never Be in Trouble

It’s fascinating to think of how the Hollywood legend would have acclimated to social media. Brando was known to be difficult to work alongside and unapologetically political active. Brando, James Baldwin, and Harry Belafonte attended the 1963 March to Washington. He resigned after Martin Luther King Jr. was killed. The ArrangementHe could then focus on civil rights activism.

His most memorable political moment was in 1973. Brando was a clear choice to win Best Actor at Academy Awards. He sent Sacheen Littlefeather to accept the award in his place and criticize Hollywood for its treatment of Native Americans. John Wayne was so upset that he could not strike her.

Sued For Libel

Brando’s activism brushed up against law enforcement. He spoke at 17-year-old Bobby Hutton’s funeral, calling out the Oakland police for its role in the Black Panther’s murder. He was then arrested. Libel suitDespite being a member of the OPOA it seems that he won in court.

An online troll

Now, Brando is technologically proficient and has taken his politics to the internet. As reported in William Mann’s biography The Contender, Brando loved AOL chatrooms. Brando was an early adopter and enjoyed hours of political debates with strangers.

Brando would have his accounts frequently suspended for being such a troublemaker. Why? Tell strangers about it “F*ck off.”Amy Alkon, columnist for The New York Times, tweeted that Brando was her friend through AOL.

He liked video games too

It’s so strange imagining Brando, a figure from the 1950s, being interested in online chatrooms and video games, yet he was. Brando’s final acting performance came in The GodfatherVideo game. He was fascinated by technology and recorded his audio at home.

Brando was so sick that he had to be put on oxygen. His voice recordings were virtually unusable due to the machine. The only thing that is left in the game is a monologue from a hospital room.

Brando being active on AOL would mean he would likely have been sending out catty tweets hourly. This is a great example of how you can never know who anyone on the internet is. Brando could have been a random exclamatory-spewing instant messenger.

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