Martha Stewart began her career in this very disturbing cigarette advertisement


Martha StewartStewart is well-known around the globe for her homemaking skills. From cleaning up to cooking to crafting, Stewart is a master at it all. Did you know that Stewart started her career in the industry as an actress for commercials?

Stewart’s Modeling Career

Stewart started modeling when she was in high school. She appeared in print ads and TV commercials. Tareyton cigarettes was one of her most memorable ad campaigns. “Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch.”

“I did a Tareyton ‘I’d rather fight than switch’ commercial, you know?” Stewart stated this in an interview with Larry King in 2004. “And then I practiced smoking. I tried to smoke for a week. And when I finally made the commercial, all I had to do was hold the cigarette.”

Today’s commercial is quite disturbing. All the actors were wearing very serious black eyes. It’s unlikely this ad campaign would fly today, with similar trends catching heat, and for good reason. It’s a little jarring to see and strange to hear people “fighting”They rely on the fact that we now know a lot about the health hazards of smoking to market their brand of cigarettes. 

The Tareyton ads weren’t Stewart’s only modeling gigs. Stewart modeled commercials for Unilever (a British food company) and Lifebuoy (a soap manufacturer). Stewart continued her modeling career while at Barnard College. She was also a Chanel fashion model. 

Her Home Improvement Empire

Stewart met Andrew Stewart at college and they were married in 1961. Stewart went back to Barnard to complete her degree and then started working as a stockbroker. She and Andrew ended up moving to Westport, Connecticut, where Stewart began a catering business — and the rest is history! 

Stewart started writing cookbooks, magazine articles, and appeared on shows such as Oprah Winfrey’s Show Larry King Live. In 1990, she founded Martha Stewart LivingToday, you can still find the book on newsstands. Stewart started her famed show, also known as Martha Stewart LivingThe show quickly became a success. 

The famed homemaker was soon in serious trouble when she was charged with insider trading. Stewart was charged by the government with nine counts including securities fraud, obstruction of justice and insider trading. In 2004, Stewart was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison. 

What is she doing today?

Stewart’s 2005 release was followed by a series of lifestyle and homemaking videos, including relaunching her TV show and releasing products lines at Sears, Kmart, and Sears. Snoop Dogg is her partner in one of her most intriguing recent projects. They hosted a show together. Martha & Stewart’s Potluck Dinner PartyThey have also appeared together in commercials. The rapper’s weed habit has obviously rubbed off on Stewart; in 2019, she became the advisor to Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth. 

Stewart has seen it all, from TV shows to magazines, cannabis companies, and cat litter.

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