Martin Bashir, Interviewer for Princess Diana: Where is she today?


Journalist Martin BashirThe history of the royal family was forever changed by his wrangling. Princess DianaInterview with a tell-all. The interview is now a legend, with the royal family accusing her of being misled. What’s he been up to for the last 28 years? Let’s find out.

Martin Bashir, Who Are You?

Growing up in Wandsworth, London, Bashir studied English and History before earning a master’s degree in theology from King’s College. From 1986 to 1999, he quickly became a journalist at the BBC. He was involved in many shows, including the investigative journalist program. Panorama. He was interviewed by Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1995.

Interview with The Princess Diana

It’s comical that tabloids constantly bash Prince Harry for talking to Oprah Winfrey when his mother, Diana, sat down for a tell-all interview on the BBC. There’s one key difference, however: Harry knew exactly what he was getting into, and Diana may have been taken advantage of. Let’s rewind.

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In November 1995, Diana and Prince Charles’s marriage was all but over. The public was desperate to find out why the two had broken up. Bashir secretly organized a interview with Diana, where she barred her soul. 23 million people watched the interview, and it rocked the public’s reverence for the monarchy. 

Earl Spencer, Diana’s brother who introduced her to Bashir, later claimed he was groomed and misled to win trust. Bashir then allegedly used forged bank statements to win Diana’s trust. While Diana didn’t regret the interview it made its way back to the courts. There are many settlements that were made. Bashir has effectively spent the last 28 years defending his interview, and it’s tethered to his legacy.

What’s Bashir up to today?

A few more years later PanoramaInterview Bashir left BBC to join rival station ITV. Bashir moved to America in 2004 to be an anchor. NightlineABC. His tenure was controversial. His sexist comments led him to public apology. 

He was given his own show by MSNBC in 2010. Martin Bashir. It was in place for three years, and it was again surrounded by controversy. It got the ax after he expressed his desire for someone to defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth.

In 2016, things came full circle when Bashir was hired again at BBC News. But the inquiry into the PanoramaInterview and a bout against COVID-19 lead to his departure once more in 2021. Bashir is a natural leader and will likely be hired back soon.

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