Martin Lewis explains the mistakes millions of people make when they delete spam emails


Although it seems like a sensible thing to do, unsubscribing to annoying emails can make you more vulnerable to being targeted. Criminals realize they are dealing with real people.

Martin Lewis, consumer champion, has issued a warning to anyone receiving scam emails or texts to not unsubscribe. It can lead to you being more susceptible to being defrauded.

Scammers regularly send scam emails, text messages, ads, and websites featuring images from MoneySavingExpert bosses, in an attempt to rob customers of their cash.

Lewis has always advised consumers not to believe these types of promotions. He never makes any adverts.

Lewis offers additional advice to consumers who are receiving spam emails from scammers claiming to be him.

Many people find them irritating and wish to unsubscribe.

Lewis stated that it is the most dangerous thing you could do. It alerts scammers that there is an active email address.

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One Twitter user tweeted this: “Just got this spam email. Definitely don’t click anything if you get it.”

Lewis responded: “Especially DON’T CLICK UNSUBSCRIBE… that just lets the scammers know they’ve hit an active email address (same applies to scam texts, don’t reply stop, it just tells them the number works).

“Forward these scam emails to then delete.”

Action Fraud, a police fraud reporting system, reported that December saw 305 cases in which phishing scammers claimed to be Martin Lewis. This was just one week.

A statement from the department said: “Action Fraud has received 305 reports about fake emails purporting to be from Martin Lewis.

“A significant uplift has been noted in the number of phishing emails related to Martin Lewis, a well-known financial advisor on social media.

“The email is entitled ‘Martin Lewis: we are in crisis. Follow the revolutionary way to survive financially.’

“The links in the emails lead to phishing websites that are designed to steal your personal and financial information.”

Lewis stated last year 60% of schools don’t teach financial education to their students.Many people are open to being conned.

Lewis visited secondary Hendon School while speaking on ITV Money Show October 2021.

“The truth is 60% of schools not not teach any financial education at all,”Lewis said.

Lewis spoke to Esa Roman, head of maths at Hendon School, and said: “We have a massive problem with financial capability across the nation. We leave them in the mire without teachers like you.”

The children were taught how to spot a potential danger. financial scam Advertise online

Some kids believed Lewis adverts were most likely to have legitimacy. However, Lewis has never advertised financial products.

Lewis said: “If you ever see an advert with me in it, it’s a lie. Whenever you are on the internet, you have to have someone on your back whispering in your ear saying: ‘is this real?’.”