Martin Lewis, ITV star and wife to Lara Lewington raises concern with photos of bloodied faces


Martin Lewis’ wife Lara Lewington has left her loyal legion of fans concerned after she took to Instagram to share a worrying selfie covered in stitches.

The 43-year-old disclosed that she had been in a crash on the road and was forced to take a week off work.

The TV host admitted that she was an addict. “extremely clumsy person”After she accidentally crashed her electric scooter during errands.

She shared an updated selfie with a caption explaining her unfortunate accident. It clearly showed two large gashes, a cut at the bridge of her nose, and slightly swelling in her left eye.

Martin Lewis' wife Lara Lewington
Martin Lewis’s wife Lara Lewington said that her electric scooter had been damaged when she crashed it last week

A before and after photo of her face was posted by the mum-of-one, showing one of her fresh wounds and bloody faces and another taken six days later.

She reassured viewers that she would be back on Steph’s Packed Lunch this week despite her battered face.

She wrote: “As an extremely clumsy person, always wobbly on two wheels, the electric scooter ride was never going to be a good idea.

“After being cleaned up and stitched up, 6 days later I’m healing well, and grateful it wasn’t worse.

“Back on @BBCClick & @PackedLunchC4 this week, cuts ‘n all!”She added.

Martin Lewis' wife Lara Lewington
Lara’s most recent social media post left her fans stunned

Many of her friends and admiring fans rushed to comment section to send their love and support.

Steph McGovern stated: “Hope you’re ok! [shocked emoji]”As an additional: “Know the feeling..more than once. Good to see you’re still in one piece (more or less)! Very best wishes.”

A third is penned “Geeeeez!!!! That looks horrific. Thank goodness you’re healing and in positive spirits. Feel better soon.”

Martin Lewis' wife Lara Lewington
Martin’s wife, Martina, has been stitched and is now recovering from her injuries

Since 2009, Lara has been marked as a financial journalist. The happy couple have a daughter.

Martin shared a throwback photo of the couple at the end April, even though the couple prefers to keep their intimate life private.

The Money Saving Expert shared sweet photos of them, as he thanked her support during the national lockdown.

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He wrote: “Two years ago today. Lockdown with Mrs MSE… kindly, brilliantly and dedicatedly acting as producer/floor manager when I had to do my ITV show from home.

“She was so professional, stopping her work at 2pm on a Thur, to dedicate the rest of the time to my show. I’m very lucky.”

Lara replied: “I loved doing this, one of my. lockdown highlights – and there were actually a few!

“Available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and producing prime time shows in pandemics,”She laughed.

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