Martin Roberts is expected to remain in hospital for two more weeks after the op


Martin Roberts, Homes Under The Hammer host, is still in hospital following emergency surgery that saved his life.

The TV presenter, aged 58, had just “hours to live”When he was about to go under the knife, he had an epidural. “massive amount of fluid”His heart was removed.

He will stay in hospital for at most two weeks, where tests in a ventilator are being performed on him.

Martin said Silver Screen BeatsHe is “being transferred to the respiratory team”at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, and that the condition could have been caused by. “a serious lung infection”.

Martin updated fans from his hospital bed
Martin updated his fans from his hospital room

“I may be in hospital for another two weeks,”He stated.

Martin was hospitalized with severe chest pains, which prevented him from walking or talking.

In a video he uploaded to social media, he recounted his traumatic experience from his hospital bed.

“I ended up in hospital in Bath yesterday,”In the Twitter video, he stated that. “I had a few chest pains and just feeling generally lousy, so I was brought in here and turns out I had a massive amount of fluid all around my heart, which was actually stopping my heart working.

“Had they not got rid of it, which they did in an emergency operation last night, then it’s sort of quite serious, like, hours to live kind of c**p.

“So here I am, still around, thank goodness, thank god and angels, all those things.”

Martin is known to millions of viewers for hosting Homes Under The Hammer
Millions of viewers know Martin for hosting Homes Under The Hammer.

Martin gave a second update to his original video. Martin stated that he is still scared from the trauma and has felt this way since. “emotionally battered”.

He stated: “Firstly, I have been overwhelmed by all the messages of love and support I’ve received.

“They mean the world to me and help lift my spirits, at a time I feel a bit scared and very emotionally battered, like you wouldn’t believe. We are grateful. We are grateful.”

He continued: “The heart problem appears stabilized.

“They are now running tests to find out what caused the problem in the first place. Seems this fluid build-up around the heart that nearly killed me was an effect (a deadly one) rather than a cause.”

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