Martin Tyler destroys Gary Neville with Cancelo’s full-back jibe


Martin Tyler claimed Manchester City star Joao cancelo was the reason he destroyed Gary Neville “too good to be a full-back”.

The Sky Sports commentators and the entirety of the Etihad Stadium were left in awe after a moment of magic by Cancelo in the second-half of City’s brilliant 2-2 draw against Liverpool. After 74 minutes, Cancelo dispossessed Mohamed Salah and then put on an impressive display of footwork.

Cancelo coolly shielded the ball away from Salah’s challenge before dribbling past Jordan Henderson and flicking it beyond Salah again with his dazzling feet. Tyler was elated that the Egyptian finally brought him down. “too good”To be a full-back

Neville, who was a full back during his time at Manchester United, saw the humor in the cheeky jibes and laughed at his own abilities.

The former right back responded: “Are they that good or were we that bad?” referencing both Cancelo and Trent Alexander-Arnold’s incredible talent.

Cancelo was able to stop the normally deadly Salah scoring as he displayed yet another outstanding defensive performance. Ex-Inter Milan and Juventus star Cancelo has also provided eight assists and scored three goals to match the dominant position at the back.

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The Portuguese defender was praised by the commentary team
Commentators praised the Portuguese defender

Joao Cancelo left Mo Salah and Jordan Henderson in his dust
Joao cancelo left Mo Salah, Jordan Henderson and his mark in his wake

Neville was previously the Valencia manager’s coach during Neville’s unsuccessful tenure. The Englishman is proud of the 27 year-old’s achievements as a youngster, and how United advised him to sign him.

Neville said: “I absolutely loved him when he was out there. Because he was so young, there was vulnerability in him. He is hard on his own.

Gary Neville is a big fan despite Martin Tyler's cheeky dig
Gary Neville, despite Martin Tyler’s cheeky digs, is a big fan of the show.

“In training, and I don’t know if he is still the same now, he used to be his biggest critic. If he made a mistake he would throw his arms on the ground and start cursing himself.”

He said: “I had him as a very young player at Valencia but you could just see exceptional talent. I made calls back to [Man United] saying that if you are ever going to take a young player that is who you would take.”