Martyn Ford’s Martyn Ford is hit by the Iranian Hulk “cheap”Move during heated face-off


Iranian Hulk has criticised Ford’s rival Ford “cheap”Move after he was sent “flying” during a fiery confrontation in Dubai. The pair prepare to face off in London next month

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Face-off: Martyn Ford floors Iranian Huk

Martyn Ford has been criticized by Iranian Hulk for his comments about Martyn Ford. “cheap move”Following a heated argument in Dubai, he was sent flying to his death.

Hulk, real name Sajad Garibi, met Ford for the first-ever time in the Middle East. The pair are preparing to face off in the boxing ring in April 30. Ford and Hulk clashed during their first encounter, sending Ford’s rival flying across the room.

Gharibi claims he lost respect to the British star following their antics at face-off. However, he is available for “war”Any point. “I want to clear up what happened when we came face-to-face,”Gharibi stated this at a press conference. “My only intention was to just get close to my opponent. But a very cheap and unexpected reaction took place. What does that show?

“It’s not very gentleman like, I have been here for ten days and I have been away from training and a lot of things that will help me. And during that meeting I wasn’t even ready, I wasn’t even warmed up yet. He replied by showing how scared he was but I guarantee on fight night wait for my reaction.

“I wasn’t even wearing my sports trainers, I came in with relaxed clothing on. I’m prepared for any type of war. Although I respect all bodybuilders, how can I show respect for him after yesterday’s events? To show the world what I can do, I will broadcast my progress.”

The Iranian star has shown his animosity towards Ford since their rivalry began during Ford’s time at Polish MMA promotion KSW. He recently showed up at his rival’s hotel in another bid for confrontation before the fight which was left on deaf ears.

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Gharibi tried to spark another brawl at the press conference just a day later where he was seen throwing popcorn and making an advance towards his rival, only to be stopped by security. With fans questioning whether the tensions are “Staged”, Gharibi has quickly moved to emphasise the authenticity of the pair’s recent clashes.

“Although I cannot show DM’s, there were many obscenities that followed the face-to-face.” he said on Iranian TV. “And some said Martyn and me are best friends. But you’ll figure it all out in the end.

“Martyn is thirsty for my blood. He said that I wanted to kill him. If he was my friend he wouldn’t of pushed me like this. It proves everything is clear and transparent there is no friendship.”