Maryland Man Wins the $2 Million Lottery Second Time


A man from Salisbury, Maryland, has shown incredible luck. He’s just won the $2 million lottery after winning the exact same prize a few years ago, according to Maryland Lottery Officials.

Two were purchased by the now-retired utility worker “$2,000,000 Richer”You can get scratch-off tickets at your local gas station while you run errands during the pandemic.

The $100 he won from the first scratch was worth $100. He was able to win the $2 million jackpot by scratching the second ticket.

Funny enough, the man kept the ticket hidden in a safe place and cashed in just days before it expired because of COVID-19.

“I was just a bit nervous,”He elaborated. “I worried that I could have a fire that would burn it up, that the ticket’s expiration date might come up, and even had just a bit of doubt that it was really real.”

The millionaire declared to lottery officials that he would use the money to fund a family vacation and his retirement. He plans to take a second family vacation and pay for home improvements.

Since the odds of winning are slim, the man’s advice about playing the lottery is just to have fun.

“Be realistic and make sure that when you play that you aren’t just playing for the big jackpot,”He states. “Play for enjoyment, and as long as you enjoy what you are doing, win or lose, you’ve already won.”

The “$2,000,000 Richer”In 2019, scratch-off tickets started selling. The last date for claiming any prizes is Monday November 1.