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After a volcano in the Philippines erupted, authorities ordered a mass evacuation.

The Taal Volcano has seen huge ash clouds rise, and the entire region is on high alert.

According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PIVS), the clouds have increased to 1,500m in the sky.

It stated that it was ordering evacuations because of “hot, fast-moving flows of gas, ash and debris”.

According to the institute, there is a possibility of tsunamis arising from the eruption.

Residents of Barangays Bilibinwang and Banyaga in Laurel, Batangas were told to evacuate because of possible hazards from the Taal Volcano Island, which has been declared a dangerous zone.

“At 0722H PST, Taal Volcano Main Crater generated a short-lived phreatomagmatic burst which was followed by nearly continuous phreatomagmatic activity that generated plumes 1500 m accompanied by volcanic earthquake and infrasound signals,”Phivolcs stated in an advisory.

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