Matt Hancock says he blew up his entire existence when he was caught with an aide kissing him.


Matt Hancock, former health secretary, says that he focused on his personal lives after CCTV captured him kissing Gina Coladangelo. “sorry to the people that I hurt”

Matt Hancock, former health secretary, has admitted to having been caught on camera kissing an aide “blown up every part of my life”He split from his wife and resigned his government position.

Pictures circulated last June of Hancock’s romantic embrace and kiss with Gina Coladangelo. Hancock stated that his first thoughts were for himself and his family before moving on to his job.

He said Peston, ITV show: “As you can imagine, the first thing that I focused on was my personal life and when I focused on my professional responsibility I decided that I had to resign.”

Hancock was the leader of the government’s pandemic response. He had been subject to pressure about how it was handled and how contracts were distributed.

“I’d blown up every part of my life. I concentrated on my personal life first as you can probably imagine… I made the decision,”He stated.

“It was clearly the right decision. I just say sorry again for the failure. I let a lot of people down. I’m sorry to the people that I hurt.”

He stated that he does not want to hurry to get back on the front bench.

“I’m not in any hurry. I actually think that being on the backbenches – I’m enjoying it,”He went on.

“It’s a very important job. I think contributions from people who have been there in the heat of battle… Theresa May, the contribution she makes as a former Prime Minister. If I can make that sort of contribution…”

Hancock denied that he was directly involved with the giving out of a £40 million contract to a company in his constituency when he was health secretary.

“I’ve absolutely no idea because I didn’t have anything at all to do with that contract,”He spoke on the ITV show.

“And more importantly, the gentleman in question and his company didn’t get a contract with the department or the NHS. They were a subcontractor and therefore they didn’t have a contractual arrangement with the department… I have been told, through the media and outlets, that somehow there has been some great scandal here, and it’s just not true.

“I was not involved in this contract and there is no contract between my constituents and the department. He was a subcontractor. You don’t remember much, but you do remember.

“We were doing everything we possibly could to save lives and all this stuff about contracts, which has all been looked into by the National Audit Office, it is all just – actually what happened behind the scenes is people worked incredibly hard to do everything they possibly could to save lives.”

Although the UK was slow to test people for Covid, they now have higher percentages than other European countries. Hancock believes that this is the right way forward.

“We should test the hell out of ourselves,”He stated.

“The best way to keep yourself safe if you’re seeing people – knowing I was coming to see you, I took a test this morning – we should test the hell out of ourselves and that is the best way to just be really cautious and careful. Get those tests – they’re available free – and take them and that will help to keep things open.”