Matt LeBlanc Allegedly ‘Smashing The Scales’ At Over 300 Pounds After Breakup; ‘Hit Rock Bottom,’ Anonymous Source Claims


It is Matt LeBlancWhat about his feelings? One tabloid claims LeBlanc killed his feelings. “hit rock bottom.” Let’s check in on the Friends star.

Matt LeBlanc ‘Eating Heart Out’What happens after a breakup?

This week, Globe According to reports, Matt LeBlanc has moved on from Joey Tribbiani, the heartthrob he was for more than ten years. According to the tabloid the actor has evolved into a “star”. “fat and miserable,”And his recent breakup is putting him at risk for his own health. Sources say he isn’t getting any support from his old Friends co-stars. “Matt’s been something of a black sheep of the cast for years now, not quite on the same level as Matthew [Perry] but lame enough to have Jen and Courteney rolling their eyes and wanting nothing much to do with him,”Insider recipes

“He’s a very downbeat and schlubby character and they just don’t want that type of guy at their dinner table.”According to the tabloid, his declining social life is beginning to weigh on him. “He’s eating his feelings,”The tipper reveals more, “He’s not in a good place and the breakup is only making it worse. He’s not taking care of himself and is sinking into a very dark hole.” The tabloid admits that LeBlanc’s publicist has denied all of the claims in this story, but the insider trudges on. “[He’s] hit rock bottom,”The source concludes.

Matt LeBlanc Lonely, ‘Fat And Miserable’?

This ridiculous report is so offensive that it’s honestly hard to read. Matt LeBlanc is a human being that’s allowed to change and grow. We can’t expect all ’90s stars to freeze time, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with LeBlanc’s appearance. The tabloid’s fatphobia is glaringly obvious, but what’s even more disgusting is the magazine’s accusations about LeBlanc’s character.

From the original Friends cast, it looks like Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow are the only ones that really still keep in touch — and there’s nothing wrong with that. People grow apart and go their separate ways, and it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about each other. We all witnessed during the HBO reunion special that it was the best thing for us. Friends The cast is still getting along perfectly, so we are not sure where this story is taking place.

But context aside, there’s no need for debate here. The tabloid admits that LeBlanc’s publicist has dismissed the story, so we’re inclined to do the same. It’s a huge red flag when a publication takes the word of anonymous tipsters over someone genuinely close to LeBlanc. But, then again, it’s no surprise coming from the Globe.

More Body-Shaming in the Tabloid

Matt LeBlanc was far from the first celebrity that has attracted the ire. Globe. According to the outlet, Elton John was at high risk of suffering a heart attack due to his weight gain last summer. Then the magazine reported Brendan Fraser’s friends were worried about his weight gain. Finally, the magazine reported that Brendan Fraser was being worried about his weight gain. Russell Crowe desperately tried to lose 70 poundsStar in a Gladiator sequel. These stories were about as good as this one.

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