Matthew Lillard Made A Heartwarming Joke At James Gunn’s Wedding After Wildlife Interrupted


This is a story about a wedding crasher, but it isn’t who you think. It all went down at James Gunn and Jennifer Holland’s picture-perfect Colorado ceremony. Pal Matthew Lillard, who was an invited guest and not the wedding crasher, turned the unexpected visit into a touching tribute with a quick joke.

A Moose Walks Into A Wedding

Yes, you read that correctly and no, it’s not a setup to a classic joke. A moose actually did walk into the superhero director and actress’ mountainside wedding. Lillard made an impromptu quip that served as small nod to the groom’s late father.

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Gunn shared the story with fans in a Twitter thread. “This weekend I was lucky enough to marry my best friend & the love of my life, @jennlholland,” he wrote.

“We got married here in Aspen, Colorado at Dunbar Ranch. A moose interrupted the beginning of the ceremony! For those who don’t know, moose are the most dangerous wild mammals in North America. But the big dude just wandered by. @MatthewLillard yelled out, ‘It’s James’ Dad!””

A Moose, A Man, And A Touching Tribute

No wedding in the history of weddings has ever gone to plan. But a moose traipsing past the ceremony is something nobody expects. Lillard’s quick-witted response was a lovely way to bring in Gunn’s late father on the big day. The director has spoken about his close relationship with his parents before and even dedicated his Guardians of the Galaxy films to them.

“One of the great joys of my life was standing on stage at the premiere of GotG Vol 2 & having my Mom & Dad stand up as I dedicated the films to them. Vol 1 is about a mother’s love for her son. Vol 2 is about a father’s. With my Dad’s passing 3 weeks ago, it means even more,” he tweeted in 2021.

We all look for signs of loved ones after they’ve passed. Sometimes it’s a bird, sometimes a butterfly, and in this instance, a moose. While it may not be a conventional symbol, it certainly fit the day.

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