Matthew McConaughey eyes return to Magic Mike role and urges Channing Tatum to ‘call me’


Matthew McConaughey is ready to return to the Magic Mike franchise as Channing Tatum and Magic Mike’s Last Dance get ready to start filming

Matthew McConaughey is hopeful of reprising his role as a stripper in the third edition of the Magic Mike franchise.

The Oscar winner, 52, played a big part in the original film in 2012 before opting to steer clear of the second instalment in 2015.

However, he is now ready to strip down once more for the third take which is set to be titled Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

The Hollywood star admitted to Variety that he is yet to hear about the film but would be keen to return to the set.

Matthew is looking to follow filmmaker Steven Soderbergh who also distanced himself from the second in the series before returning for part three.

And he’s urged star Channing Tatum to “call me bro”.

When asked if he’ll be involved, he confessed: “I don’t know. I’d have to read [the script] first. It was a helluva lot of fun doing the first one.”

Channing Tatum, who has been the main character in the first two editions, confirmed in November that he’d be back for part three which is set to begin filming next month in London and Italy.

Channing, who previously worked as a stripper in his late teens, admitted to People earlier this week how he wanted the latest movie in the franchise to become the “Super Bowl of stripping”.

He said: “I want dancing like we’ve never been able to do in the other two movies, because we had to be honest to what the reality of that world is, which isn’t great dancing.”

The hunky star, 41, who is set to star in new film Dog, also admitted earlier this month that he can’t bring himself to watch Marvel films anymore.

The popular actor was reportedly set to feature in a film back in 2014 based on X-Men’s Gambit, with the character reportedly set to have his own solo movie.

But the production never came to fruition and now Channing has claimed that decision left him “so traumatised” that he couldn’t watch any other movies in the franchise.

Speaking to Variety, he discussed how he and his producing partner Reed Carolin were originally in the development stages for the movie for four years and had asked about him taking up the director’s reins.

However, he admitted that wasn’t a popular idea and blamed Disney’s merging with Fox in 2019 for the reason behind the movie being scrapped.

He sighed: “Once Gambit went away, I was so traumatised.

“I shut off my Marvel machine. I haven’t been able to see any of the movies. I loved that character. It was just too sad. It was like losing a friend because I was so ready to play him.”