Matthew McConaughey’s Wife and His Family Move Away from Hollywood


Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves could raise their children in Hollywood, but they decided it would be best to grow up far from the spotlight. McConaughey was born in Texas and they now have a house in Austin. Alves, 40 years old, also recalls her childhood in Brazil when Texas reminded her.

“It’s been great,”The Women of today Tell the founder Fox News Digital Living in the Lone Star State is an option. “It really embodies our belief system, especially the ones I grew up with, like going to church every Sunday, saying ‘yes ma’am’ or ‘no, sir.’ I grew up saying those things coming from a family of farmers.”

Alves was shocked to discover many similarities between Brazil and Texas. “For me, being from Brazil and then coming to Texas, I discovered many similarities in terms of what families practice here, especially going to church on Sundays and being very into the outdoors,”She said. “It’s been a great transition.”

McConaughey, 52 and Alves, are the parents of three children: Levi, 13, Vida 12, and Livingston 9. Alves and McConaughey lived in Malibu several years. However, Alves found the paparazzi too much. Alves said that they didn’t realize the extent of the situation and its consequences until they left. “The kids get to have a private way of growing up,” Alves said. “So from that perspective, it was very important”To move to Texas

The pandemic caused their home to become more crowded when McConaughey’s mother Kay, 90, moved into it. Alves claimed Kay has “softened”She joined them. McConaughey’s fame and this arrangement may make their situation unusual, but Alves stated that the couple are like other parents. “Matthew is the one the kids will usually go to [if they want to get away with something],” Alves said. “But Matthew and I have a pretty good system where we don’t play good cop, bad cop. The kids need to understand that as parents, we are on the same page.”

McConaughey has published his memoirs. GreenlightsAlves is an author, too. To write, she joined Adam Mansbach. Take One BiteA new book for children to encourage picky eaters outside their comfort zone. “I’m a big believer that if you start the conversation early on, you are likely setting up your kids with lifelong good habits versus not talking about it all and just going through the motions,”Alves were told Fox News Digital. “Food is a part of our lives.”