Matthew McConaughey’s wife dines with a surprising royal


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t the only royals with Hollywood connections—Princess Eugenie was recently spotted hanging out in London with Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey’s wife.

Eugenie And Alves Step Out In London

The pair was spotted hugging on the street before walking into a restaurant in London’s Notting Hill area. Alves and Eugenie were both dressed in contrast. Alves was wearing all white, while Eugenie was in all black. 

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The chauffeur-driven vehicle was also used to transport the duo from Chucs restaurant. “They seemed to be great friends,” One of the other Chucs diners told the story Daily Mail.

It’s unclear how or when the two first met, but it seems that they are very close friends. Alves isn’t Eugenie’s only high-profile friend. Her wedding guests included actors Demi Moore, Liv Tyler, and British stars such as Jimmy Carr and Cara Delevigne. 

The Pair’s Charity Work

Many believe that the pair met through charity work. Both Eugenie and Alves have a history of humanitarian work—Alves with the Just Keep Livin’ Foundation she founded with her husband, and Eugenie with her work to end sex trafficking and slavery. 

According to the Just Keep Livin’ Foundation’s websiteThe organization was established in “to empower high school students by providing them with the tools to lead active lives and make healthy choices for a better future.”

Eugenie’s First Public Appearance Since Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

Princess Eugenie’s first public appearance since the death of Queen Elizabeth was also for a good cause. The Anti-Slavery Collective was an art exhibition that Princess Eugenie attended. It was an organization Julia de Boinville and she co-founded in 2017 to combat trafficking and slavery. 

“The Art is Freedom exhibition has supported survivors of modern slavery of all ages, from across the world, for five years now. It is inspiring to see the project give survivors the opportunity to express their feelings, emotions and stories through art,” In a statement, the princess spoke out about the exhibit

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She continued, “This exhibition serves as a space to dispel the stigma around survivors, and let their stories speak for themselves. This year, the Anti-Slavery Collective is honoured to be co-curating the exhibition, and we look forward to helping to shine a light on this important issue.”

As Eugenie continues to raise awareness about these issues and grow her organization, it’s likely she’ll continue rubbing shoulders with big stars like Alves and her husband. 

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