Maverick’ Defeats ‘Avengers” With New Box Office Milestone


Maverick is the Top GunIt has just reached new heights in its continuing flight through the movie industry stratosphere. A report by VarietyMaverick surpassed Avengers: Infinity WarThis weekend, the North American box-office was a success. It is now the sixth-highest grossing country sales.

As of this weekend Maverick North America’s $679 Million has been surpassed by Infinity WarIt is estimated at $678million. This is a remarkable number for many reasons. Maverick The COVID-19 pandemic caused delays so many times. The COVID-19 pandemic caused delays in the film’s release. However, Maverick Part of the success has been achieved with an extended theatrical run. It has been shown in some locations since May.

Maverick It is a delayed sequel to 1986’s Top GunThis gives it some recognition and heritage. It’s difficult to compare this to the buildup. Infinity War. This was the culmination and culmination of more than 20 movies in Marvel Cinematic Universe. It fulfilled a decade-long promise that all these films would be connected in a way that made them all feel important at the same time. It was a cultural phenomenon, which seemed to be a league above any subsequent series or sequels up to that point.

By contrast, Top GunIt was a story of its own that Tom Cruise, the star of the film, once stated that he would never make a sequel. Cruise was interviewed by Playboy He said that a Top GunA sequel would be “irresponsible,”As it could be used as a form of propaganda for military purposes.

“OK, some people felt that Top Gun was a right-wing film to promote the Navy. And a lot of kids loved it,”In 1990, he stated the following. “But I want the kids to know that that’s not the way war is – that Top Gun was just an amusement park ride, a fun film with a PG-13 rating that was not supposed to be reality… That’s why I didn’t go on and make Top Gun II and III and IV and V. That would have been irresponsible.”

Ironically, Cruise did eventually return for the sequel during an era of unprecedented sequels. It also surpassed all other franchises. Strong word of mouth and repeated viewings are two of the main reasons for Cruise’s success. Variety These trends are expected to continue as there is no direct competition in theaters. Maverick.

This streak may be over with a home video release. A report by Collider, Maverick is the Top Gun Digital copies will be available starting Tuesday, August 23, and Blu-ray and DVD versions starting Monday, November 1. In the meantime the film is still being shown in many cinemas throughout the U.S.