Maya Jama is hard to recognize as she wears a tiny Halloween outfit that’s mesmerizing.


Maya Jama is a TV presenter who loves Halloween. This year, however, it seems she has taken Halloween to a whole new level.

The 27-year old hosted her annual star-studded bash and was a big hit with everyone who saw her stunning outfit and amazing image.

Maya was almost unrecognizable after undergoing a transformation to make the most of her evening as Medusa at the lavish bash.

The beautiful brunette opted for a blonde hairstyle and added a snake crown on her head. This transformed her into the mythic monster that would turn people into stones.

Maya Jama looked completely different in her Halloween outfit
Maya Jama looked totally different in her Halloween costume

Maya wore scales on her face when she chose vivid green contact lenses with a mixture of green and golden eyeshadow around her lids.

Her makeup and hair were stunning, but her amazing outfit that included dominatrix-styled underwear was what really captivated her fans.

The silver ensemble was gathered at the center with a collar that wrapped around Maya’s neck. Maya then paired it with mesh underwear.

She wore a satin skirt that flowed behind her, and gold snakeskin shadows on the thighs. To complete the look, she added silver knee-high shoes.

The TV presenter dazzled fans and celebs alike
The TV host dazzled celebs and fans alike

Maya wrote the following: “Medusa had a ball last night.”

As she was bombarded with comments from celebrities, including Maura Higgins who simply wrote: “Wow wow.”

Olivia Bowen also added: “You’re ridiculous!”Sian Owen, a fellow party-goer, added: “The best night.”

Maya shared many clips of her famous bash via Instagram. She had many celeb pals there, as she outfitted the event with McDonald’s vans (with amazing DJ sets), and top-of-the-line decor.

Maya dressed as Medusa for Halloween
Maya dressed as Medusa to celebrate Halloween

The fan favorite never fails to amaze when it comes Halloween. Jessica Rabbit, the stunning stunner for 2020, has a remarkable look.

Maya looked stunning in a red dress and brightening her hair with a tight red skirt.

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