Mayim Bialik looks completely unrecognizable in Throwback Video Reminiscing about ‘Star Trek’


Mayim BialikRecently, she shared her fear and love for Star TrekTikTok has a throwback video. The Big Bang TheoryThe actress, who is dressed as Data, is completely unrecognizable. This transformation was done in honour of Bialik. Watch Magazine2016 Cover Shoot She dressed as some of her favorite characters. Star Trek‘s most memorable characters at the time, including Spock, Captain Kirk, and Janice Rand.

Mayim Bialik Introduced Big Bang TheoryFans Star Trek

Bialik took the time to reflect on the series’ 50th anniversary during the shoot. Bialik was a star in The Big Bang TheoryThe cover was perfect for actress. 

“What’s really neat is that thanks to Big Bang, there’s a whole new group of fans who have been introduced to Star Trek,”She explained that You can watch. “My thought is that maybe people who have always been into Star Trek have become Big Bang fans because of all of the love our characters have for Star Trek! It’s the perfect meeting of the minds!”

Fans Love Bialik’s Star TrekCosplay

Interview with Entertainment Tonight Promotion of the coverThe actress also shared the terrifying experience. Star TrekCould be. 

“I went and saw The Wrath of Khan when I was a very young child and the scene where they put that thing in his ear scared me so much that my brother and I had to go to a payphone in the movie theatre and call my parents to come pick me up,”she In the clip, I confess

The Jeopardy!The host captioned video “Still haunts me to this day.”Her costume was praised by many fans.

“Well, that’s an awesome Data cosplay,”One user said. Another user commented. “Great costume. I didn’t even recognize you. I had to look and see whose TikTok this was.”

“I literally cannot look at the screen during this scene,”One user shared. Another user added “I remember seeing this scene on tv when I was young and I was terrified for months that things were going to crawl into my ear while I slept.”

The clip has received over 37,000 views via TikTok. It’s a rare good bit of press for the actress, who has been receiving mixed reviews for her performance as a host on Jeopardy!Although show executives are still searching for an Alex Trebek replacement, Bialik is reportedly still the frontrunner.