Mayim Bialik Receives Criticism From ‘Jeopardy! Fans Alex Trebek Never Did


Mayim Bialikhas impossible-to-fill shoes. She and Ken JenningsYou do an admirable job in filling in for Alex TrebekBut ferocious Jeopardy!Fans are difficult to please. Bialik is under fire for something Trebek didn’t mention.

Life will change

Interview with ETBialik shares her story about her life with us now that she’s world-famous. Her years were spent in The Big Bang TheoryShe was welcomed into millions of homes each week by the fame that comes with it. Jeopardy!It’s a totally different animal.

“It’s changed my life in enormous ways,”Bialik said. “my recognizability and kind of familiarity that people feel with me is a lot more.”She understands how invested trivia fans are and the pressure it brings. “Every detail, they’re very invested,”She adds.

Pressure as a Woman

Men hosted most of America’s greatest game shows. Meredith Viera, who took over the hosting duties in 2004, is an exception. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?It is rare to see a woman behind a lectern, however. Bialik is acutely aware of this. “I think it’s OK to say there aren’t a lot of females in this kind of position and so I think we’re all learning, you know, the different ways we look at women.”

Bialik must face a particular pressure that Trebek didn’t: what to wear. “It’s very interesting to me, you know, to say, ‘Well, gosh, what should I wear?’ Alex wore a different suit every single show but people didn’t think about it that much because it was navy, or it was gray,”She says.

Bialik is allowed to change up the colors she wears. The show’s even allocating a budget for it. It is now up to her to keep the spotlight on contestants and draw attention to herself by wearing an outfit. This brings to mind an aphorism: Ginger Rogers did everything that her partner Fred Astaire did, but backward and in high heels.”

Not the First Double Standard

Bialik has to worry not only about her outfits, but she also takes flack for doing things Trebek did unassisted. She was called the opening round of golf a few months ago and got raked. “single Jeopardy.” Trebek did the exact same thing on occasion, but it wasn’t a problem until Bialik said it. She and Jennings have a tough job, but they’re both doing well under the pressure.

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