Mayim Or Ken? We are certain who will be the permanent host for ‘Jeopardy’


Season 39 Jeopardy!Fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement on the permanent host of the show in the next few months. After more than a year, the show finally got its permanent host. Mayim Bialik Ken Jennings evenly splitting duties, it’s time for producers to make a proper decision. Here’s what they landed on.

Ken Jennings Full-Time

Season 38 Jeopardy! featured Jennings and Bialik split hosting duties after Mike Richards’s ignoble week behind the lectern. Each host presided over 110 games each, so it was unclear who the producers preferred moving forward. Mike Davies, Daytime Emmy Awards producer, told the media that a decision would soon be made “very, very soon”Information about the hosting situation

A Decision has Been Made

Sony has made a decision: There will not be any host changes. Sony has published Bialik and Jennings can make long-term agreementsThis will ensure that the dyad continues for many years. Bialik will continue to divide her time between the two. Jeopardy!Check out her Fox series Call me Kat. She’s also expected to be named host of Celebrity Jeopardy!. Jennings, who has been a fixture of the series for decades, will also host his fair share of shows.

The Feud continues

Bialik, while both hosts have their fans, is subject to far greater scrutiny. She’s criticized for issues Alex Trebek never faced, like her outfits. She briefly called the first round single jeopardy when she spoke briefly. Big Bang TheoryStar was insulted by Twitter. Trebek sometimes used the same verbiage. It’s a no-win scenario for Bialik, especially because she’s getting pitted against the beloved Jennings.

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Twitter is not the only one with a view. This decision triggered an immediate response. It is fair to say that Davies promising only to maintain the status quo was a frustrating proposition for anyone hoping for change. One such user highlighted Jennings’ strengths while insulting Bialik.

Bialik was the victim of another user’s scorched earth tactics. Referring to a pollTV Insider conducted a comparison of Jennings and Bialik. TV Insider conducted fan polls that show Jennings is most popular than Bialik. However, ratings have not changed regardless of who hosts.

The Third Option…

Some fans don’t like either Jennings or Bialik. A strong contingent of jeopardy!Buzzy Cohen is the host, Buzzy fans long. 

There were some connected dots that suggested he would be named host. But it wasn’t meant to be. Cohen enjoyed Twitter humor with his theory.

His big news was? He was looking. The Office. What a scamp. More important than who hosts it is what matters. Jeopardy!With a stable situation, the radio station will stay on the air. The dyad may be frustrating for people with favorites, but it should bring some stability to the airwaves for the first time since years.

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