McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window – Hungry horse and horse seen ordering from McDonald’s


After riding on the back of her horse, a woman delighted diners at a fast-food restaurant when she went through a McDonald’s drive thru.

Simon White, father-of-three, shared funny pictures of his visitor and her four-legged friend when he saw them while on his trip to Caerphilly’s McDonald’s.

After waiting in the line behind motor vehicles, the photos show an unidentified lady wearing a mustard-coloured puffer jacket with riding boots and riding on the back of a white horse.

As the woman moves forward, the equine patiently waits. Later, she was seen on horseback paying for her food

After she finishes eating, they get on the bike and ride out of parking lot.

Neigh bother: the horse is seen waiting patiently as they queue with cars for the meal
Neighbor: The horse waits patiently while they queue up with the cars to get their meal

Simon, a car parts manufacturer, stated: “I was on my way home from collecting my little one from school when we stopped by for something to eat.

“When she arrived, we were waiting for our food.

“I couldn’t believe it – the horse was very well-behaved though and she got served no problem, before riding off.

He added that “Here are a few pictures of the kids ” sitting inside the McDonald’s came out to take pictures and cheer for the pair, adding:

“My son loved it. He was so happy to have it.

Simon reported seeing the unnamed woman eating the burger when he later passed the horse on a nearby road
Simon saw the unnamed woman eat the burger as he passed the horse along a nearby road.

“I thought it was really funny as well – it’s something you just can’t imagine seeing unless you live in the Welsh valleys.”

Simon shared his story of seeing her eat the burger when he was driving by.

You can ride a horse on any road in the UK, except motorways. However, private establishments such as McDonald’s reserve the right to refuse service to riders on horseback.

In 2018, a McDonald’s in Malvern Shopping Park told 48-year-old Louise Carter that her Big Mac order would not be taken when she entered the drive-thru because she was not on a motor vehicle.

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