McDonald’s Employee Gets Shot at Cold Fries Die From Injuries


After a dispute about cold french fries, a McDonald’s employee was shot in the neck and died Friday. According to ABC 7 New YorkThe Brooklyn shooting is being investigated as a murder and the suspect is currently in custody.

Matthew Webb is a McDonald’s employee aged 23 years old. Due to his injuries, he was declared brain deadThey were finally succumbed to two days later after the shooting. Michael Morgan, 20 years old, was charged with attempted murder, criminal possession of weapons, and prosecutors indicated that Webb’s death would bring about an increase in the charges against Morgan.

Morgan was not the one who complained about the french fries, but his mother. Webb was the one who complained about her fries being cold. Morgan’s mother called Morgan back to confront the situation after it heated up.

Webb confronted Morgan about the argument and he allegedly shot him outside the restaurant. According to ABC 7, Morgan was arrested with Camellia Dunlap (18 years old), who faces weapons charges.

Morgan was also reported to have made remarks about an unsolved murder that occurred in 2020, involving a Brooklyn man aged 28. Morgan was eventually charged with the murder and weapons offenses. ABC 7 added that Morgan had been a witness to another unsolved murder in 2020. “long been eyed”The slaying. The McDonald’s shooting was just six blocks from the 2020 slaying.

The latest example of daily struggles fast food workers have to deal with is the murder. There are many incidents that can occur, from simple arguments and unruly customers trying to talk to a manager to horrific acts of violence.

ABC 7 reports on two stabbings at East Harlem McDonald’s restaurants in May and January at East Harlem Burger King. These incidents are not the only ones in the country. There are many videos online that support the increased stress.

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