Meet Sachi, a Japanese Artist who Creates 3D Cat Portraits That Look Like Life


Sachi, a Japanese artist, goes to great lengths to create life-like cat creations, and it can take her days to make one of her unique 3D cat portraits.

Each piece is handcrafted with felt, glass and real cat whiskers.

“When I think about how to present the uniqueness, not just the color, I would buy a great amount of felted wool,”She explained.

“For example, I have dozens of types just for white color. I would carefully select the material from them so that it will look like the real cat. I’m extremely particular about this.”

Crafting the cat’s eye is the most tedious part of her work. It takes her up to one week to make the cat’s eyes using glass spheres that are layered with acrylic paint and sand.

However, she claims it truly brings her work to life.  

“I think that the moment when the cat’s spirit enters into the artwork can be presented through the eyes,”She said. “In that sense, I have been very particular about how to make the eyes.”

Sachi won’t reveal how much she charges, but she said she has had steady orders since posting her work to social media in 2015. 

The authenticity of her creations are priceless for some cat lovers. 

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