Meet the ‘Amazing Race” Winners Kim Holderness and Penn Holderness. They are the Oldest Champs in Shows History.


YouTube starsKim and Penn Holderness are among the latest winners. “The Amazing Race.” 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a 19-month production gap meant that this season was unlike any other. Kim and Penn are in their mid-forties, making them the oldest couple to ever win the show’s competition. 

“It came down to my wife being an anally retentive, over-preparing, Type A personality,” Penn said.

Inside Edition viewers might recognize Kim because she was once a reporter. 

“Being a reporter prepared me well, because I just took notes everywhere we went, and I was just very observant of everything we saw,”Kim stated.

They had to keep their win secret from their children. Their two children only learned of their victory at a special viewing party.

“I don’t think you expect a 15-year-old to be giddy and excited about her parents, and there was something really special about that,” Penn said.