Meet the Citizen Sleuths, who are looking for thousands of cars reported stolen in Portland, Oregon.


Car thieves are everywhere

Every year, 1 million cars are taken in America. In Portland, Oregon, the thieves stole 10,000 cars in the past year. Some citizens are now doing their own investigations, but officials tell Inside Edition that it comes with its own risks.

Around 12,000 Portlanders are fed up with car theft and have started their own patrol team to find stolen cars and reunite owners with them.

Many people report seeing suspicious vehicles on PDX Stolen Cars. This is a group that was created by Titan Crawford.  

“A lot of the people who are a part of this group are victims themselves and that’s why they take it so seriously,”Inside Edition, he shares his story.

His group has recovered over 1,400 cars in the last year.

Inside Edition was shown by him how the group checks the vehicle identification numbers against an online database to determine if the car has been stolen.

“This is a confirmed stolen, Nov. 1 out of Vancouver, Washington,”He tells Inside Edition chief investigator Lisa Guerrero that Crawford was with him on one of the patrols.

While they waited for the police to arrive, Nicole Heath, a citizen sleuth found two stolen cars in an apartment block.

Officer Adam Baker salutes citizen sleuths but also warns them.

“Citizens who are out looking for stolen cars are not prepared for the confrontations that come along with it,”Inside Edition, he shares his story.

However, it seems those who are committed to the cause will not cease fighting the cause as long as the issue continues.

One woman who had her car stolen back said that the work they did was worth it.

“You guys really are a citizens army going out to help each other,” Guerrero tells her.

“You have to be,”She replies. “I got it back, I beat the system.”


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