Meet the Sexy Studs at Peacock’s Love Island USA


Hubba, hubba!

E! News will introduce you to the sexy male stars Peacock‘s Love Island USAThese exclusive cast photos are also included. These stunning photos show five attractive new Islanders, sans shirts, flaunting their six-packs and wearing colorful swim shorts.

The good-looking group of guys includes a realtor looking for a Margot Robbie type, a Brazilian model who has been with over 200 women, a courier with a passion for ancient Greek philosophy, a personal trainer and real estate agent searching for a kind soul (like his mother), and a waiter with a passion for cooking. 

As previously announced, the lads will join. Love Island ladies Deborah Chubb, Zeta MorrisonCourtney Boerner, Sydney PaightAnd Sereniti Spring in a gorgeous villa on the California coast with the hopes of coupling off to win a cash prize in the end. Viewers can also vote for who stays or goes during the season.

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