Megan Fox is Making this controversial millennial hairstyle cool again


Megan was the hairdresser. Dimitris Giannetos. Earlier this month, the celebrity hairstylist gave Joey King a deep side partIt could indicate that Gen Z may be slowly warming up.

Given that she has worn it numerous times, particularly in movies such as “The Last Jedi,” it’s not surprising that the A-lister approves of this ‘do. Jennifer’s BodyAnd Hope & Faith.

Although Megan hasn’t discussed the details of her latest look, she previously shared insight into how she coordinates ensembles with MGK.

Maeve [Reilly] dresses me, but he has a stylist. I wait to see what he’s wearing and then choose around that,”She spoke to E! News June “Not every time, but because he can go in so many different directions from all black to being in all pink with zippers and sequins and whistles and feathers. And there’s all the things on him, so, I wait for him to choose, and then we wait to try to build a look around that usually.”

She said, “Over the course of two years, we have a lot of a lot of things that we’ve done together.”

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