Megan Kim, a plus-size star pregnant, shows off her curves in a bikini


Megan Kim, a pregnant plus-size influencer, showed off her curves while wearing a bikini in Easter sun.

The brunette beauty often shares uplifting content on social media – and shows you can look stunning in lingerie and beachwear even when you aren’t model thin.

Megan has embraced the sun in a recent Instagram photo. “cellulite”and 12-week pregnant tum.

The influencer recently revealed in an Instagram post that she is expecting her first child – so it is no surprise she is glowing!

In the photograph, she wore black high waisted bottoms and a white top with halter neck.

Megan smiled as Cheekily wore her plunge-ribbed beachwear.

brunette woman in bikini in garden and holding an ice lolly
Megan smiled as she admired her stunning figure while basking in the sun.

The caption of the post was written by an influencer: “Here’s to enjoying the sun (FINALLY), being outside, eating ice lollies & making memories with our favourites (today I’m on my own but hey, I’m [great]).

“It doesn’t matter what we look like or what we wear. Life is so short and after the madness of the last few years I refuse to let a shoulder spot, cellulite or weight gain stop me from living my life.

“It’s just a body. Also, my body is currently growing another human so FAIR PLAY TO IT. IT IS AMAZING.”

Megan then wished her 22,000 followers a Happy New Year! “happy Easter.”

woman eating ice lolly
Perfect weather for an Iced Treat!

Megan’s fans were quick to comment on her and thank her for accepting her body.

One person commented: “Amazing! You look beautiful.”

Another user was added “Thank you so much for this photo. I needed to see that all my cellulite is normal.”

Another fan was praised: “Growing a human and looking FABULOUS whilst doing so.”

woman smiling in bikini and holding ice lolly
Megan, pregnant, smiles radiantly at the camera

Someone else gushed: “I think you’re incredible.”

And, a fifth person expressed: “You look amazing. Enjoy the sunshine, beauty!”

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