Megan Thee Stallion’s SNL Outing Has Everyone Talking


Megan Thee Stallion has completed her stint on Saturday Night Live Reactions and responses have been generally positive. The “Body”Rapper doubled as host for the Oct. 15 episode. “Anxiety,” “NDA,”And “Plan B”Taken from her most recent album Traumazine. After Queen Latifah, she was the second female rapper to host and perform. Despite the recent robbery of her Los Angeles home, Megan brought energy and enthusiasm to the show, portraying a fitness instructor who aims to enlarge her clients’ butts and a nurse who glams up ordinary patients, among other sketches.

Media outlets praised her efforts with The Atlantic She said she was “the host SNL needed right now”That’s how it works. “charisma brought her sketches to another level—and emphasized the blandness of the rest of the show.” A.V. Club Megan “talented with an infectious natural charm and charisma,”Claim “she is the perfect host to bring eyes back to SNL.”

Vanity Fair Applauded her monologue”delivered with aplomb”) and her sketches for publicly addressing issues of anxiety and burnout alongside sharing mental health resources. Megan appeared in each sketch. “working her tail off, was excellent company to the Studio Players.”Fans have rallied behind the musician for her talent and ability to perform in such stressful situations. See more to see the reactions of Megan to her sketches and performances.


Megan, despite focusing on her recent achievements, used her monologue time to showcase her British accent in order to appeal to Bridgerton’s casting directors. Additionally, she gave a shout-out to, a mental health platform that includes links to online therapy services. The rapper certainly entertained. One fan who tweeted, “Megan Thee Stallion just killed. Her monologue was really good. Loved the British accent, and I am here for her being on #Bridgerton. Make that happen !”


Hot Girl Hospital

Megan, a nurse at the hospital, was her first sketch. “Hot Girl Hospital,”Draymond, the Golden State Warriors player, has funded this facility to fulfill his community service hours. Megan and her coworkers perform Brazilian Butt Lift surgery rather than providing medical care. A Notification to the viewer, “It’s giving Mad tv and I like that,”Referring to The sketch comedy television seriesOriginal inspiration by MadMagazine that was aired on FoxFrom 1995 to 2009



Megan (with her boyfriend Devon Walker) shows her parents their new house, while her dad Kenan Thompson (with Megan) is attacked by a deer. The deer tries to stab him in the stomach and pull his pants down. Megan breaks down in this sketch due to Thompson’s outrageous antics towards the deer. Another viewer approved, writing, “Loving this deer sketch. Shout out to whoever controlled the puppet. Also Megan Thee Stallion is a naturally gifted comedic actress.”


Talk to a Girl

Megan was also featured in the sketch “Girl Talk,”The conversation was centered around a talk show hosted Monique Money Monique Problems, (Ego Nwodim). Megan asks Monique Money Monique Problems (Ego Nwodim) for advice regarding a cheating boyfriend. “girl”You can use them in many different ways. “It’s the fact that we as black ppl can communicate like this and fully understand it,” One Twitter user commentedYou can find out more at Another response, “You can tell Megan was IN the writers room for this one.”


Classes for Workout

Megan appeared later in a sketch promoting fitness exercises for big butts. Megan competed with a class that was led by two white women, who promoted flat butt workouts. One Fan wrote in response, “After seeing that workout sketch on #SNL it made me think does Megan Thee Stallion have a Hot Girls Workout video series? I feel like thats just money sitting on the table.”



Megan was praised by her fans “Anxiety”She was able to show strength in the face of hardship. When she made reference to her mother’s loss in verse, the star was visibly upset. “People couldn’t last a mile in Megan’s shoes,” one fan tweeted. “She has been through more than most and still let’s her light shine brightly and beautifully and that’s all I have to say.”Another author wrote “when Megan started tearing up, i lost it. i know it’s gotta be hard, but i’m glad she’s still going.”



It doesn’t necessarily mean that all those congratulatory words were without naysayers. A Tweet by a disappointed viewer, “I watched #SNL last night and found Megan Thee Stallion to be completely underwhelming. The sketches seemed unusually tailored to her and unfunny. She also seemed to have an infectious unfunniness. Not even weed helped that show.” Another writer, “I’m not gonna mince words, but I’ve only watched the first half hour of @nbcsnl, and I have got to say, Megan Thee Stallion was hilariously awful as host!! I wasn’t laughing at the humor, I was laughing at the way she delivers her lines in every sketch.”


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